Old Man Stone: ‘Paisley Park’ Video Released

In 1997 I was lucky enough to be part of the band Old Man Stone (OMS), along with fellow composer Barrie Gledden, Rick Dowson & Johnny Rock.

Our debut album ‘Spork‘ charted well around the globe & we toured extensively in support of the release.

Here’s the official video to the single ‘Paisley Park’ from the ‘Spork‘ album.

There are a couple of blogs on here about OMS…
Old Man Stone: The Movie
OMS: A Blast From The Past

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NEW FILM – OMS: The Movie 1993-2000

In 2000, Barrie Gledden set about collecting together all the video & film scraps from the entire lifespan of the band Old Man Stone (OMS).

For weeks if not months, Barrie trawled through endless footage of band recordings, rehearsals, gigs & tours and finally came up with the 1hour 17min film we have here*.

Rick Dowson – Vocals & Guitar
Barrie Gledden – Guitar
John Horrocks – Bass
Darren Wilcock – Drums
Richard Kimmings – Drums

There are no words to describe what is presented here… but let the world be truly thankful that it’s finally made the light of day.

Old Man Stone : Live

*Parental advisory


Old Man Stone – A Blast From the Past… Video & Pictures

Old Man Stone

Old Man Stone – Clarence Park Festival – 1997

In the mid 1990s I joined the (already established) band Old Man Stone (OMS)… With the band saying ‘yes’ to me coming on board, I was left with only 2 weeks to integrate into the band &  prepare myself for the recording of an album entitled ‘Spork’ for record label Revolver/Sony.

OMS comprised – Barrie Gledden (guitar, programming/keyboards & BVs), Johnny Rock (Bass, Quake & BVs), Rick Dowson (Vocals & Guitar) & myself on Drums, Percussion & BVs.
‘Spork’ was released on 27th July 1997 with various tour dates in that and the following year.

Charting in Japan

Charting in Japan

The album charted in overseas territories (No. 18 in Japan) and we even had a Japanese tribute band (whom I would have dearly loved to have seen – anyone seen any footage?).
A further album & more recordings followed until the bands ‘unspoken’ hiatus from 2000.

Some years laster, Barrie painstakingly trawled though analogue video tapes of the bands live performances, recording sessions & general mucking about, to put together  ‘Old Man Stone – The Movie’.
Never intended for public viewing, everyone who saw the film commented on making it available to the public.

I recently decided to test the waters by uploading some of the music video sections from the film onto YouTube.

Here’s the opening track from ‘Spork’ – ‘Flesh & Blood‘….

If you’d like to hear & buy the album, it is available on iTunes (very much to our surprise!) – ‘Old Man Stone – Spork

I shall post up more videos in the coming month for those interested & maybe put the whole movie up there in time – who knows…..?

OMS Burp Blowing

John – Burp Blowing