NEW ALBUM: ’80’s Hair Metal’ Album Released Today!

80's Hair Metal

That’s right folks – we’re back… and LOUDER THAN EVER!!
A brand new 80’s Hair Metal album, with all the spandex and long hair you could wish for, is released today.

In 2013, Barrie Gledden, Kes Loy, Chris Bussey & I set about writing an album for AudioNetwork in the true 80’s Hair Rock style… Big drums, big guitars & even bigger hair!

The result was a riotous album that folks seemed to love – 80’s Hair Rock
Now, we’re here again with 80’s Hair Metal
The albums feature Nigel Bailey on vocals.

Coming Alive – Up-tempo rocker with hot guitar riffs, slamming drums & male vocals

Give Me Your Love – Positive power ballad with huge drums & emotional male vocal

Heart Break – Melodic 80s power ballad with shredding guitars, big drums & male vocals

Got To Rock – High energy big hair metal. Living life to the limit lyrics with male vocals

Night Warriors – Razor-edged guitar riffs & hard hitting drums with classic rock male vocals

Primetime Love – Fists in the air 80’s stadium rocker with loud guitars & male vocals

What You Do To Me – Strutting classic rock with massive drums, powerful guitars & male vocals

Hit The Top – High energy driving 80s rock with chugging guitars & positive male vocals

Hope you find the album as much fun to listen to as it was for us to make!
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MUSIC ON: ‘A New You’ Track on Vax Air Cordless Lift Advertising Campaign

Our track ‘A New You‘ features on the latest ad campaign for the Vax Air Cordless Lift.

All their adverts feature the uplifting track written by Barrie Gledden, Kes Loy & me, and can be seen here…

If you like the track… you can listen, buy & download here.

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MUSIC ON: ‘Pizza Hut Delivery’ Advert Series

Here’s some more in the ‘Pizza Hut Delivery’ series of adverts featuring my track ‘Ready To Rumble‘…

If you like the track, you can listen & download here.

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MUSIC ON: Pizza Hut Delivery Advert – Feb 2016

Great to hear Pizza Hut are using our track ‘Ready To Rumble‘ on the current series of ‘The Big Deal’ adverts here in the UK.

Written by Barrie GleddenKes Loy & me… the advert shows how much £14 will get ya!!

If you like the track, you can listen & download here.

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MUSIC ON: Theme Tune for ’18 Kids and Counting’

18 Kids and Counting

Our track ‘Party Girl‘ has been chosen as the theme tune for the UK Channel 4 series ’18 Kids & Counting’.

The programme follows the UK’s biggest families… At the age of 40, Sue Radford has announced that she is pregnant with baby number 18.

Listen, buy & download the track here.

To watch the series, go here (territorial restrictions may apply).

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NEW – ‘Pizza Hut Delivery’ Ad Featuring the Track ‘Ready to Rumble’ – Sept 2015

Pizza Hut

Our track ‘Ready To Rumble‘ has been chosen for the new Pizza Hut Delivery Advert.

Written by Barrie Gledden, Kes Loy & me… the advert is ‘Good Things happen To Those That Swipe Right’..

If you like the track, you can listen & download here.

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‘The Optimist’ is the Theme Tune for Series 2 of ‘Dogs: Their Secret Lives’

Dogs Secret Lives S2

The track ‘The Optimist‘ is back as the theme tune for the 2nd series of ‘Dogs: Their Secret Lives‘.

Season 2 has just started airing Thursdays at 8pm on UK’s Channel 4.

An episode guide is here.

Here’s the original Mini-Blog about this series – Dogs: Their Secret Lives

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