NEW MUSIC ‘SEXtronica’ Album Released


Today sees the release of my new album ‘SEXtronica‘. Written as a collaboration with Kes Loy & Jess Greenfield, the album has an electronica crossover sound & vibe, with full-on seductive female vocals.

I Want Your Sex – Sleazy electro funk with bad ass groove & raunchy female vocals

Devil In Disguise – Steamy electro song with huge synths, phat bass & seductive female vocals

Behind The Mask – Sexy electro pop/RnB song about erotic masquerade. Dark verse & epic chorus

Chemistry – Sexy electro dance with pulsing groove & sensual female vocals

Tied Up – Dark, seductive RnB/hip hop song about bondage with submissive female vocal

Drunk – Sexy RnB song about intoxicating desire with cool electro swing mid section

As always, please listen to & download the albums.
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