NEW ALBUM: ’80’s Hair Metal’ Album Released Today!

80's Hair Metal

That’s right folks – we’re back… and LOUDER THAN EVER!!
A brand new 80’s Hair Metal album, with all the spandex and long hair you could wish for, is released today.

In 2013, Barrie Gledden, Kes Loy, Chris Bussey & I set about writing an album for AudioNetwork in the true 80’s Hair Rock style… Big drums, big guitars & even bigger hair!

The result was a riotous album that folks seemed to love – 80’s Hair Rock
Now, we’re here again with 80’s Hair Metal
The albums feature Nigel Bailey on vocals.

Coming Alive – Up-tempo rocker with hot guitar riffs, slamming drums & male vocals

Give Me Your Love – Positive power ballad with huge drums & emotional male vocal

Heart Break – Melodic 80s power ballad with shredding guitars, big drums & male vocals

Got To Rock – High energy big hair metal. Living life to the limit lyrics with male vocals

Night Warriors – Razor-edged guitar riffs & hard hitting drums with classic rock male vocals

Primetime Love – Fists in the air 80’s stadium rocker with loud guitars & male vocals

What You Do To Me – Strutting classic rock with massive drums, powerful guitars & male vocals

Hit The Top – High energy driving 80s rock with chugging guitars & positive male vocals

Hope you find the album as much fun to listen to as it was for us to make!
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‘Rock Is The Answer’ Track on Canadian ‘Meet The Family’ Hidden Camera Sitcom

Heading up the episode ‘Rock Is The Answer : Season 2 Episode 8’ the Toronto based ‘City’ TV used my track ‘Rock Is The Answer’ for their inspiration.

The episode features Rocker Dad, Road Rage Mom, Daddy’s Boy Brother – Dad just wants to rock out; Mom gives Road Rage a whole new meaning.

Certain territories can watch it here

And if you like the track, you can get it here

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300+ Tracks for AudioNetwork & ’80’s Hair Rock’ Album

80's Hair Rock

Following the release of this months albums from AudioNetwork… December 2013 takes me through the 300+ track mark for the company.

All my tracks can be heard, bought & downloaded from here

One of the big releases this month is the ’80’s Hair Rock’ album – see my earlier blog for more details & Barrie Gledden’s blog here.

The album has 8 tracks, all in the style of the 80’s Hair Metal bands – but not only are there vocal versions of the songs; Barrie Gledden, Kes Loy & Mark Pitchforth also recorded ‘Shred Guitar’ versions too! (Version 2 on all tracks).

Always Be There – Powerful stadium 80’s rock ballad about lost love.

Thirst For Life – Melodic, inspiring 1980’s heavy rock anthem.

She’s Primeval – Raw, driving 80’s heavy rock song about primeval desire.

Rock Is The Answer – Thumping 80’s heavy rock song with mighty call & response chorus – What was the question?

On a different note & despite the UK Winter being upon us (it’s always Summer somewhere)… another new track this month is ‘Lazy Summer‘ – Children’s sunshine pop with guitars, handclaps & cheerful bell melody.

Enjoy! if you like them… buy them… Thanks.