NEW ALBUM: ‘Dirt Rock II’ Album Released Today!


Released today… My latest album ‘Dirt Rock II‘.

The follow up to 2015’s energy filled ‘Dirt Rock‘ album – Intense songs with real attitude.

Written by myself & fellow collaberators Gavin ConderJason Pedder & Kes Loy. The album feature 8 brand new tracks & versions.

Here’s the track listing…

Adrenaline Flow – Slow, pulsating dirt rock song with male vocal about pushing to the limit.
Ride Into The Morning Sun – Punchy dirt rock stomper with male vocal about living life to the full.
Speed of Light – Powerful dirt rock with feel-good male vocal about living life to the max.
State of Fear – Hard hitting heavy rock song with anxious male vocal.
I’m Alive – Frenetic driving dirt rock song with excitable male vocal about being alive.
Take A Ride – Supercharged hard rock stomper with adrenaline fuelled male vocal.
Sucker – Aggressive dirt rock with hostile male vocal about revenge.
Stone Cold Killer – Driving, aggressive hard rock with homicidal male vocal.

Really hope you enjoy the album & if you like them please buy them & enjoy!

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MUSIC ON: SCS UK Advert 2017

My track ‘That Happy Feeling’ is featured on the new SCS avert celebrating the opening of 100 stores in the UK.
Written by Barrie Gledden, Frank Mizen, Jason Pedder & Richard Kimmings.

That Happy Feeling – Feel-good power pop with vibrant brass, driving guitars & bouncing drums.

Hope you like the tune!

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MUSIC ON FILM: 2x Golden Globe Winner ‘Elle’ Features My Track ‘Strike Down’


Congratulations to the film ‘Elle‘ for winning the Golden Globe for Best Film (Foreign Language) & Best Actress – Isabelle Huppert.

Elle‘ follows a successful businesswoman who gets caught up in a game of cat and mouse as she tracks down the unknown man who raped her.

The film features a track written by Kes Loy & me, ‘Strike Down‘: A dark electro, guitar driven rock track.

The film is also looking hot for the Oscars – watch this space.

Watch the film & enjoy the music.

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A BLAST FROM THE PAST: ‘Mother Mary – GoldBox’ Free Album, Website & Video

Mother Mark


‘A long time ago, in a Galaxy far, far away…in a world happily devoid of X Factor and the Kardashians. Jurassic Park was the latest multiplex Block Buster and the mighty Nirvana were tearing up the charts. Ah…it was the best of times.

Before the great British Bake Off was even a twinkle in (Mother) Mary Berry’s pudding bowl, five ambitious northern musicians, not to mention one enigmatic Frenchman were plotting world domination with a heady mix of two parts Zeppelin, one part John Barry and a large sprinkling of Dan Reed/early Van Halen on the side. What they came up with was box office poison in terms of getting a major record deal (remember them) as Grunge swept the world, but hey, didn’t people used to just write great tunes to have a great time?

A high energy combination of great melodic hooks, killer grooves and a healthy sense of humour made for some very, very special times and priceless memories with a dedicated following of amazing friends and fans.

Their debut gig in February 1993 broke the house attendance record of 900 at the world renowned Bradford Rios (cough) and what followed were incredible, adventures on the road as the momentum built to a legendary 1994 UK tour which stretched from Glasgow, with Ozzy’s guitar master Zakk Wyde, via Sheffield City Hall with Whitesnake, (plus ‘Word Up’ savvy Gun) through to London’s prestigious Marquee Club. Radio 1 airplay for the accompanying Truth ep’s lead track ‘I Believe’ didn’t hurt and neither did great reviews of the live shows from Kerrang, and Metal Hammer magazines.

If you were there you know (and thank you) for all your incredible support. If not, you’re in for quite a ride! Sadly, all good things come to an end and by 1995 it was time to move on to pastures new.

But hey, Led Zeppelin haven’t been gigging for years either and they’ve got a  website-and so can we?! 🙂 So pull up an armchair, pour yourself a little snifter, download the tunes and turn ’em up loud. Who said Nostalgia’s not what it used to be?’

For the free album & more… Go to the Website
Mother Mary on iTunes – Mother Mary GoldBox

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NEW ALBUM: ’80’s Hair Metal’ Album Released Today!

80's Hair Metal

That’s right folks – we’re back… and LOUDER THAN EVER!!
A brand new 80’s Hair Metal album, with all the spandex and long hair you could wish for, is released today.

In 2013, Barrie Gledden, Kes Loy, Chris Bussey & I set about writing an album for AudioNetwork in the true 80’s Hair Rock style… Big drums, big guitars & even bigger hair!

The result was a riotous album that folks seemed to love – 80’s Hair Rock
Now, we’re here again with 80’s Hair Metal
The albums feature Nigel Bailey on vocals.

Coming Alive – Up-tempo rocker with hot guitar riffs, slamming drums & male vocals

Give Me Your Love – Positive power ballad with huge drums & emotional male vocal

Heart Break – Melodic 80s power ballad with shredding guitars, big drums & male vocals

Got To Rock – High energy big hair metal. Living life to the limit lyrics with male vocals

Night Warriors – Razor-edged guitar riffs & hard hitting drums with classic rock male vocals

Primetime Love – Fists in the air 80’s stadium rocker with loud guitars & male vocals

What You Do To Me – Strutting classic rock with massive drums, powerful guitars & male vocals

Hit The Top – High energy driving 80s rock with chugging guitars & positive male vocals

Hope you find the album as much fun to listen to as it was for us to make!
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LARK Studios Ltd. is now an Apple ‘Mastered for iTunes’ Certified Mastering House!


In 2012, Apple introduced Mastered for iTunes (MFiT).

The idea behind Mastered for iTunes is to provide the listener with ‘songs that sound the way the artist and sound engineer intended’.

I’m now pleased to announce that Richard Kimmings & LARK Studios Ltd., are an Apple ‘Mastered for iTunes’ Certified Mastering House.

For more information of what this actually means, here’s what Apple have to say about it… Apple MFiT

For more detailed information, please read the Mastered for iTunes Documentation.

What are your thoughts on Mastered for iTunes? Does it make a difference?

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NEW ALBUM: ‘Mediterranean Holiday & Lifestyle’ Album Released Today!

Mediterranean Holiday & Lifestyle

Today sees the release of my new album ‘Mediterranean Holiday & Lifestyle‘ for AudioNetwork.
This weekend might signal the end of British Summer Time (in the UK at least), but the sun’s never too far away.

Written by Lincoln Grounds, Dougie Brown & me, the album is filled with Summer Sun anthems to get you in the holiday mood.

La Vida Fiesta – Hot Spanish holiday dance fusion with driving gypsy guitars & Alegria  flamenco clapping

Taverna Time – Spicy summer beats fusion with east Med flavours, guitars & mandolins

Spanish Nights – Scorching holiday house fusion with flamenco passion & guitar melody

Beach Beat – Tropical holiday hip hop with marimbas, guitars, trumpets & an island lilt

Summer Forever – Sexy mediterranean dance groove with Spanish guitars & world flavours

Riviera Life – Sun drenched luxury trip hop chill out with languid trumpet & accordion

Hope you enjoy the album.. you can listen, download & buy it here.

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