NEW ALBUM: ‘Dirt Rock II’ Album Released Today!

Released today… My latest album ‘Dirt Rock II‘. The follow up to 2015’s energy filled ‘Dirt Rock‘ album – Intense songs with real attitude. Written by myself & fellow collaberators Gavin Conder, Jason Pedder & Kes Loy. The album feature 8 brand new tracks & versions. Here’s the track listing… Adrenaline Flow – Slow, pulsating dirt rock song with male vocal about pushing […]

NEW MUSIC: ‘Dirt Rock’ Album released for AudioNetwork – April 2015

This month sees the release of the Dirt Rock album for AudioNetwork; an aggressive, angst laden collection of songs with real edge. Written by myself & fellow collaberators Gavin Conder, Dougie Brown, Jason Pedder & Kes Loy, the album feature 7 brand new tracks & versions. Here’s the track listing… Can’t Get Enough – Slow, sleazy […]

MUSIC ON: New ‘Logan’ Film Featuring My Track ‘Blacked Out’

Very pleased to announce that my track ‘Blacked Out‘ is featured in the new Hugh Jackman film ‘LOGAN‘, released 3rd March 2017. The track is from the ‘Dirt Rock‘ album written by myself, Gavin Conder, Jason Pedder & Dougie Brown. ‘LOGAN‘ is the tenth instalment in the X-Men Series of films, and the third & final […]

A Month of Writing New Projects & Sessions…

It’s been a solitary month… Following on from a hectic release schedule, album launch concerts and gatherings, this month sees me locked away in StudiOK working on ideas for new projects. Whilst many of you are outside enjoying the beginning of a good old British Summer, the humble musician takes to locking themselves away in […]