NEW MUSIC ‘SEXtronica’ Album Released


Today sees the release of my new album ‘SEXtronica‘. Written as a collaboration with Kes Loy & Jess Greenfield, the album has an electronica crossover sound & vibe, with full-on seductive female vocals.

I Want Your Sex – Sleazy electro funk with bad ass groove & raunchy female vocals

Devil In Disguise – Steamy electro song with huge synths, phat bass & seductive female vocals

Behind The Mask – Sexy electro pop/RnB song about erotic masquerade. Dark verse & epic chorus

Chemistry – Sexy electro dance with pulsing groove & sensual female vocals

Tied Up – Dark, seductive RnB/hip hop song about bondage with submissive female vocal

Drunk – Sexy RnB song about intoxicating desire with cool electro swing mid section

As always, please listen to & download the albums.
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5 thoughts on “NEW MUSIC ‘SEXtronica’ Album Released

    • Ah thanks so much… appreciate that.
      Lyrics for you…

      DEVIL IN DISGUISE (No Angel)

      I’m sweet like sugar, but I’m sour inside
      Red hot lover but I’m cold as ice
      I’m no angel even though I look nice

      You’ll realise when you come inside


      I’m no angel I’m the devil in disguise the devil in disguise tonight

      Do you like that

      Kiss my lips, kiss me harder
      Fly with me through the fire
      Dig my nails a little deeper

      It tastes like heaven but it’s better in hell


      I’m no angel I’m the devil in disguise the devil in disguise tonight

      Do you like that

      Take it like a man x 4

      Chorus x 2

  1. im crying because there was the devil IN DISGUISE music to a video from vixen or some other porn modeling agency and they played it, I FELL IN LOVE WITH IT, IT IS ABSOLUTE GENIUS

  2. Daniel says:

    Hi Richard. Fantastic song mate. I noticed a few of your tracks were featured in the New Zealand TV show House of Drag which is where I found you from. How did that come about? Would love to hear your stuff on Spotify or Apple. Is it available on there? Keep up the great work!

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