‘Battle Zone’ Album with Kes Loy Released

Battle Zone

Battle Zone‘ – A ‘High-Octane’ Blast Of An Album

Towards the middle of 2013, Kes Loy and I mused on an album project we could work on together for AudioNetwork. We wanted to try something a little different; something that would set a scene sonically & visually. An album that would be unified in its theme – a ‘concept’ if you will.
Bring forth the ‘Battle Zone‘ album.

Between us, we wanted to create an album that would build tension & foreboding, but one we could also twist and manipulate to create atmosphere and suspense.

For most of the main tracks on ‘Battle Zone‘, we created further versions which purposfully didn’t have the power & size of the main tracks. No power guitars, no drums… just a sonic ‘mood’.

When writing this kind of music, especially for TV & film use, you have to consider the musical needs of the producer and sound editor.  They may want something as an under-bed… some atmospheric tension maintaining a ‘constant’, as opposed to a ‘song’ format or piece of music that develops and changes.

Kes & I worked very closely on this project & always kept a focus on its primary purpose. Even though the project & track titles will lead you to a given preconception of what a project is going to sound like even before you hear it, the music still had to deliver and take you to a different place entirely.

Can music trigger emotion and take you out of the ‘now’? I personally think so, and with this album, I think we succeeded in doing just that.

Listen to the album here – ‘Battle Zone

Battle Zone

Here’s a full track listing…

Battle Zone – The title track… Heart in the mouth rocktronica with smoking guitars & ripping synths

Death Toll – Dark, brooding & cinematic with piercing guitars. Builds to menacing climax
Check out the ‘Death Toll 2’ version for a dark, electronica underscore

Outlaw – ‘Nemesis approaching’ rocktronica builds to half time metal onslaught
Check out the ‘Outlaw 2’ version for a stomping, rocktronica underscore

Secret Mission – Nail biting espionage builds to guitar hero rock with dark, dominant drums
Check out the ‘Secret Mission 4 & 5’ versions full of cinematic ambience with spy Rhodes

Hostage – Defiant electronics break into stomping heavy rock with face melting guitars
Check out the ‘Hostage 2’ version for defiant electronica; tense & atmospheric with flickering synth textures

Stay of Execution – Unnerving atmosphere disturbed by brutal detuned guitars. Builds
Check out the ‘Stay of Execution 2’ version for an unnerving atmosphere filled with mangled synths & heart beat pulses

Strike Down – Dark electro, guitar driven rock
Check out the ‘Strike Down 3’ version for a dark, tense & menacing electro mix with haunting fx

Hero – Tense electro groove builds triumphantly into heroic heavy rock
Check out the ‘Hero 2’ version for dark, tense cinematic electro which morphs around smooth pads

Please listen, buy & use… Thanks


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