‘Bright & Quirky Piano’ Album with Richard Lacy & Barrie Gledden Released


Welcome back!

This month ‘Bright & Quirky Piano‘ gets an airing; an album written by Richard Lacy, Barrie Gledden & Me.

My main role on this album was to create various drum & percussion soundscapes. Richard approached me with the ideas already in a good ‘state’ but wondered if, after I’d done ‘my bit’, my playing & sound might inspire him to go off in a different direction.

A few of the tracks really build & have a fantastic hypnotic quality to them, so I set about adding to the atmosphere rather than simply over playing on them. I rolled out my arsenal of snare drums, toms & paraphernalia


For me, the other interesting part of this project was not hearing the final project ’til release day. Richard Lacy handled all mixing and arranging duties so it was nice to sit back & hear what a great job he’d done.

The full album is here – ‘Bright & Quirky Piano

Here’s a selection of tracks…

Keeping The Faith – Positive, urgent piano progression with bold drums & mellotron swells
Continuance – Upliftingly optimistic piano theme above intricately layered backing
Motion – Gentle layered pianos & ambient guitars with transition to inspiring theme
All Together Now – Positive, uplifting theme with layered pianos & drums. Builds throughout

Hope you like the album as much as I do… have a listen for free & if you like the tracks, please buy them.



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