Abbey Road Track ‘Free Falling’ Release and Recording Session Video

Arrival at Abbey Road

In January 2013 I had the pleasure of working in one of the world’s best & most famous studios, with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra & AudioNetwork.

Abbey Road Studios need no introduction – from Edward Elgar & The Beatles to Pink Floyd & Rush to Bond Soundtracks & The Black Keys… anyone who was/is anyone has recorded there. Here’s a list for those interested – List

My work as a composer for AudioNetwork offers me great opportunities. Working in an environment such as Abbey Road, with all it’s history & kudos, has always been a dream for me. After all, most of my record collection as a kid was recorded there, and to physically be within those hallowed walls was an honour.
Not to mention the RPO and all the associated team working on the session. It’s a joy to watch them work. They’re given the score, they play it, whatever comes out gets recorded… They know what they’re doing. I shudder to think of the cost of the instruments in Studio 2. Millions of pounds worth of vintage violins, cellos & basses. The sound in the room takes your breath away.

Last year I wrote a track called ‘Free Falling‘. I always envisaged the track having live strings & when I was offered up the chance to record in London with the RPO I booked my ticket & headed on down.  Chris Egan wrote, arranged & conducted the strings on the track.

I wrote an initial mini-blog about it here with a picture gallery.

The track has now been released by AudioNetwork & is available to download…

Free Falling – Floating & falling piano melody with rich, emotional orchestral strings.

Here’s a short video showing a glimpse of the day at Abbey Road. To hear the full track and all versions, go here.

© AudioNetwork 2013

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